Pet Homes

Whether You Are A Vendor Looking To Showcase Your Exotic Animals Or An Owner Looking For A New Home, We Can Create Exactly What You Have Been Looking For.
Any Pet, Any Size!

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Dog House (Large Dogs)

Sale Price $95.00

Gerogari Display has created a beautiful and spacious home for any family dog. Made in all white so you can paint and decorate to your hearts content. Always made to order so expect us messaging you for some details so we can create the perfect sized home.

If you would like us to decorate the home, send us a message with colors, pictures and for a small fee we can send you a competely decorated home to lasts a dogs lifetime.

***NOT MEANT TO BE PLACED DIRECTLY UNDER SUN. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to us at your nearest convenience. Click here to get in contact with us directly.

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Exotic Animal Enclosure

 Sale price $89.99

Exotic Animal Enclosure perfect for vendors looking to showcase their animals! This specific model gives you the option to showcase either 1, 2, 3, or even 4 different animals at one time! The light weight makes it perfect for vendors who are always traveling.The dimensions of this enclosure – (22 Inches Long X 8 Inches Wide X 4 Inches High)

Shipping is available. Email us for any custom orders!